The Art of Impact

Creating an effective strategy for impact distribution


About the project

In an increasingly fragmented world, the role of the artist has become more crucial than ever. What is the role of the artist and the documentary community in creating a lasting impact & social change? Through an analysis of a range of campaign case studies, Rebecca Ashdown will explore how to devise a bespoke and effective impact distribution strategy to meet your impact objectives. She will explore all of the steps to be taken into consideration for any campaign strategy, starting with the basics of issue context and campaign aims, working through audience analysis, relationship management and choosing a distribution platform.


Rebecca Ashdown has over a decade of professional experience across the film and NGO sector, having worked with organizations such as the British Film Institute, Amnesty International, BBC Media Action and Toronto International Film Festival. Rebecca is Campaign Manager for Together Films. She is passionate about the power of film and creative storytelling to inspire and ignite imaginations, encouraging dialogue, debate and impact around global social issues. She has experience developing impact strategies and delivering distribution campaigns, on titles including Planetary (International campaign), The Hunting Ground (UK campaign), Pablo Larrain’s 'No' (UK campaign) and Unrest (UK campaign). Rebecca has a Master of Arts in Applied Theatre, and has specialized in using cultural art forms for social change within community & education settings.