The First Online Documentary Platform in Ukraine

About the project


It is the first online documentary platform in Ukraine with an online cinema and the archive of DOCU/CLASS masterclasses. The documentaries that can be watched at the website are made in Ukraine and about Ukrainians by various NGOs in cooperation with the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA. Their protagonists are ordinary citizens who strive to change the life in their country for the better. They persistently head towards their goals, overcoming external circumstances.


Why do we need DOCU/SPACE?

Our goal is to inspire viewers for active actions by offering the stories of ordinary people. These people could be your colleagues, neighbors in the country, they can commute the same bus, they do not do anything supernatural. Thanks to somebody who has founded and headed up UABC (Unions of Apartment Block Co-Owners) tower block residents pay justified price for the public services; somebody has grown up in Roma settlement but has got a higher education and founded Legal advice office for Roma; somebody has raised the money and clothes for soldiers in a time of foreign military aggression. Characters of the movies are united by pursuing justice, making good causes and acknowledging that the state starts from people.   




At present, our online platform offers you to watch the documentary series “New Heroes”, “Roma Dream” and “Encyclopaedia of Maidan” about grassroots civic organizing, as well as the documentary film “Can You Hear Me, Brother?” about Oleksandr Hlyadelov and his photo exhibition. The online cinema collection will be constantly updated with new films. In addition, we aim to make an archive of DOCU/CLASS documentary workshops, which are part of the annual festival in Kyiv and invite the participants to discussions and workshops by Ukrainian and international experts.

“New Heroes”