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Between 11 and 31 May, watch films from the festival’s main programme Full Recovery? — Citizen Bio and 76 Days! We also invite you to join Tête-à-tête about the biohacking underground in Ukraine and around the world (26 May) and human rights discussion about defeat COVID-19 (19 May). Stay tuned!

Don't Worry, The Doors Will Open

This is an atmospheric and intensely human vérité portrait of Ukrainian society on the move, filmed in suburban trains.
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I Walk

The film is a personal documentary about dealing with old age when the hunger for life hasn't yet been satisfied.
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I Had A Dream

Manuela and Daniela dream to change their country, Italy, but have to meet the harsh reality.
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A birdcall-imitation-seminar, an animal-telepathy-hotline, a beauty contest for pedigree dogs.
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