This Privacy Policy (hereinafter, “The Policy”) sets out the conditions for the processing of the Users’ personal data. The resource (hereinafter, “The Resource”) collects, processes, and stores users' personal data through the website's services in accordance with the terms of the User Agreement and this Policy. 

1. Personal data of the User that are used for registration on the Resource’s website:

  • e-mail address;
  • name and surname;
  • date of birth;
  • mobile number.

2. Personal data of the User that are required during the usage of the Resource:

  • IP address;
  • geolocation of the User;
  • records of the Content viewed by the User;
  • payment information obtained when using the LiqPay resource (additional information is available on the company's website

3. The Users’ personal data are stored on the servers of the Resource and are accessed and used only by the employees of the Resource and its partners.

4. The purpose of the data processing is to ensure the efficient functioning of the Resource and improve its services for the Users.

4.1. Therefore, the Resource may:

  • send notifications about promotions, special offers, or current information to the Users' e-mails;
  • personalize the Content for Users, taking into account their preferences and history of the Content viewing;
  • use the User’s contact information to restore access to your account or to resolve technical issues related to accessing content;
  • provide access to the paid content.

5. The security of personal data rests entirely with the owners of the Resource. The Resource undertakes not to use this data for any other commercial purposes, except as provided by this Policy and the User Agreement, in compliance with the applicable legislation of Ukraine. The Resource also undertakes to do everything possible to maintain the confidentiality of this data and to prevent access to this data by the third parties.

6. Cookies. Cookies are small pieces of code that remain on your device after you visit a website. These pieces allow the server to provide you with information tailored to your needs the next time you use the Resource. Your consent to the use of cookies by DOCUSPACE makes our Resource more efficient, faster, and secure, improving its functioning.

7. Decline of the personal information processing, storage, and use.

Users have the right to decline the processing, storage, and use of their personal information. To do this, please contact the technical support department of the Resource at [email protected].