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It's all history now: how non-fiction cinema show real events

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the lecture is in Ukrainian
the lecture is in Ukrainian
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Feature and documentary stories have a lot in common. In both, we follow the main characters, watch the conflicts being resolved, and experience dramatic events. But there is one key difference: documentary stories draw strength from reality. It is unpredictable and more surprising than the plot twists of the most bizarre Hollywood screenwriter.

We invite you to learn more about what non-fiction stories consist of, how they are told, and to study this incredible world of documentaries on your own after the lecture.


Alex Malyshenko

moderator, freelance film journalist

Writing for LB.ua, Ukrayinska Pravda, Your Art, Moviegram and other publications. He was involved as a programme coordinator and pre-selector for the Docudays UA film festival. Co-curated the film promotion course at Terrarium.

DOCU/CLASS: Which films do we watch?

The lectures will help you dive deep into the history of documentary cinema, explore the special features of narrative construction, the characteristics of the relations between the filmmaker and the protagonist, and learn about the current trends.