Film Club Summer

China's Van Goghs

director: Yu Haibo, Yu Tianqi Kiki
China, Netherlands201681’
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The Chinese village of Dafen is home to hundreds of painters. They turn out thousands of replicas of world-famous Western paintings, sometimes creating 700 artworks per month. In 2015, the turnover in painting sales was over $65 million. One of the painters, Zhao Xiaoyong and his family have painted around 100,000 van Goghs. After all these years, Zhao feels a deep affinity with van Gogh, so he travels to Amsterdam to see the original works at the van Gogh Museum.


Yu Haibo, Yu Tianqi Kiki


Yu Tianqi Kiki


Yu Haibo


Paul Gies, Ranko Paukovic


Søren B. Ebbe, Tom Lin, Axel S. Roelofs

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