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director: Trish Dolman
United States of America202095’
Original language with Ukrainian subtitles.
Original language with Ukrainian subtitles.
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Four well-known biohackers talk about their experience of radical medicine: they are striving to prolong human life. In addition, the protagonists share their memories about the ambiguous figure of Aaron Traywick, an entrepreneur whose death is still a mystery. Filmmaker Trish Dolman invites us on a journey into the underground world of biohacking, marginal biopunks, and researchers developing alternative medicines for life-threatening illnesses.


Trish Dolman


Chantal Kemp


Ian Kerr


Showtime Networks


Showtime Networks

The film is available to watch from 11 May (10:00 a.m.) until 31 May (11:59 p.m.)

Film of the FULL RECOVERY? programme

Full Recovery? is the central topic of the 18th Docudays UA. The programme includes stories which will help us find ways to fight the faults and diseases of the system which have been exposed by the pandemic.

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