DOCU/PRO talk: How do you make films in a country without a film industry?

The stream in the original language (English) will be available on the Docudays UA YouTube channel. The stream with simultaneous interpretation in Ukrainian will be available on DOCUSPACE and the festival Facebook page.

At the meeting, Maksim Shved, the director of Pure Art, will share his experience of working on his film debut. Those were 7 happy years, from 33 until 40, when Maksim had to solve many interesting questions:

  • how do you make films in a country without a film industry?
  • how do you find money abroad?
  • what do you do when you’re out of both your first and second wind, but the film still isn’t ready?

Piotr Bodak, the film’s editor, will speak about his approach to editing documentaries. For example, why it was important to come to Belarus before starting the work on Pure Art, and how to work with footage filmed in a foreign language.



  • Maksim Shved, the film’s director
  • Piotr Bodak, the editor

Online stream


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