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recorded conversation 29 March, 13:30

Ge­ni­us lo­ci, or an ex­pe­di­ti­on to «re­al» art

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The search for the ‘new’is a definite symptom of art. Significant artistic trends included in textbooks and encyclopedias were often fueled by the ‘non-professional’, ‘peripheral’ discoveries of artists, and then appropriated, leaving no names or traces. Art still does not stop searching for a convincing form of expression. This process especially intensifies during periods of noticeable changes when means of expression are experiencing a crisis.

Can one talk about a certain process of decentralisation in the artistic field? How can we deal with the gap in the cultural representation of the conditional centreand periphery, and ultimately with division and hierarchy? Is there a historically and culturally sensitive way of dealing with the experiments of non-professional artists?

Finally, why are the animated filmsby the self-taught artist Anatolii Surma noticeable against the background of many other experiments, both amateur and professional? Why did the visual style of cartoons become the basis of this year’s festival identity?


Evheniya Molyar

Evheniya Molyar

moderator, art critic, DE NE DE artistic initiative participant

Evheniya workswiththeissues of preserving cultural heritage, and explores artistic processes in the context of decentralisation. Shecooperateswith numerous regional museums around Ukraine withinthe framework of the Under construction: Museumopenproject

Roman Bondarchuk

Roman Bondarchuk

art director of the Docudays UA, director of documentary and feature films, member of the Board of the Ukrainian Film Academy

Co-director of the almanac Euromaidan. Rough cut, which was included in the Best of Fests program at the IDFA festival in Amsterdam. In 2015, hisfirst full-length work Ukrainian Sheriffs won the IDFA Special Jury Award and was selected as the Ukrainian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards. In 2019, Bondarchuk won the Shevchenko National Prize.


Interdisciplinary programme rethinks the capacities of documentary filmmaking and the gallery space. The programme will include screening of amateur animation by Anatoliy Surma, 3D exhibition of photography by Oleksandr Chekmeniov and a joint project by media artists from Photinus Studio, SVITER Art Group and Ivan Svitlychnyi. Each of events will be accompanied by an Artist Talks discussion.