Jawline Ukrainian premiere

Liza Mandelup · USA · 2019 · 98’

Original language with Ukrainian subtitles

An eye-opening look at the realities of teenage social media stardom. Austyn Tester, handsome and 16, feels oppressed by the confines of life in his small hometown. But in the online world, Austyn is adored by thousands of young girls, all eager for his ‘likes’ and his attention. Jawline delivers us into this burgeoning online world as Austyn is discovered by a manager and makes his dreams come true.

The film is no longer available.


DirectorLiza Mandelup
ProducersBert Hamelinck, Hannah Reyer, Sacha Ben Harroche, Lauren Cioffi
CameraNoah Collier (DP), Ben Whatley
SoundDiego Gat
Editor(s)Alex O'Flinn
DistributionAutlook Filmsales

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