Megapopularity on Social Media: How do bloggers actually live?

The discussion will be held in Ukrainian.


Striking content, millions of subscribers, queues of advertisers – this is a contemporary blogger’s goal. The social media audience is cruel and capricious, advertisers are demanding and inconsistent, so bloggers who aim for success have to work day and night to reach success. Those who succeed at it can make a good living off their blog. And age does not matter here: whether you’re 17 or 65, you can make money here and now. But in the chase after interesting content, while shaping your followers’ ideas about lifestyle, eating habits, fashion, sports and travel, it is not difficult to cross a line. From spreading harmful, incorrect information to intimate posts with explicit photos or videos. Everything to surprise your audience.

What do bloggers actually sacrifice for their popularity? What do you do with haters or unscrupulous advertisers? How do you avoid being trapped by cybercriminals? What should a Ukrainian teenager do if they want to make money online, but the law does not provide a way to do so?

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