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broadcast recording 07 June, 16:30

Art practices and oral history in overcoming trauma

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The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
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The level and scope of trauma in Ukrainian society have reached a tremendous scale. We talk about approaches to working with trauma and its communication in humanities and artistic practices, and look at the museum exhibition as a space of possibilities. The conversation focuses on how to use international experience while adjusting the postcolonial optics, how to avoid re-traumatisation when working with memories. And most importantly, what is the significance of trauma processing for the future?


Iuliia Skubytska

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), historian, an Associate Research Fellow at Princeton University, where she teaches a course Trauma and Oral History: Giving Voice to the Unspeakable

Oleksandra Nabieva

moderator, culturologist, culturologist and curator of the interdisciplinary art programme DOCU/SYNTHESIS


Interdisciplinary art programme of the 20th Docudays UA emphasises the main precondition of the future: working on our trauma and on the unspeakable. Focusing on fragments of personal perception of the shared experience: archives, memories, diaries, testimonies, and dreams.