Above the Styx

Ukraine · 2019 · 29’

The film is available only in Ukraine.

Thousands come to the cemetery for Hrobky (Memorial Day) to commemorate their departed relatives, to get blessed, to celebrate life... It’s a wonderful tradition, isn't it?

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ProducerMaria Stoianova
CameraMaria Stoianova, Yulia Danylchuk, Maria Terebus (story editor), Liudmyla Paraskiva, Kateryna Rybachuk, Anastasiya Feshchuk, Ivan Bershadskyi, Alla Onopchenko
SoundAndrii Rogachov
Editor(s)Maria Stoianova
ProductionThe Sergey Bukovsky Film Program
DistributionМарія Стоянова, stoianova.mar@gmail.com


2019 — the Special Mention in the DOCU/SHORT


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