From Docudays UA With Love

Fri­day, Sa­tur­day, Sun­day

Authors: Kateryna Gornostai

In November 2022, despite the war and power outages in Kyiv, the Docudays UA festival is taking place – live and offline, for the first time in two years. It was a special edition which the festival team called the State of Emergency, and it was accompanied by the news of the liberation of Kherson from Russian occupiers, daily air raid warnings, and dark Kyiv evenings. The three-day journey in the film is full of the fragile humour of the festival team and the eager eyes of the audience.


Kateryna Gornostai

We’re leaving a few film under your Christmas trees, so you can enjoy them for free from anywhere in the world. Here’s to us remaining strong in the years to come, knowing that we’ll win against all odds and find happiness in a free Ukraine!