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broadcast recording 17 June, 18:13

Unlock­ing film distri­bution: master­ing the Euro­pean mar­ket with Jacques Pelis­sier, distri­butor from Fran­ce

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Conversation in the original language with Ukrainian dubbing.
Conversation in the original language with Ukrainian dubbing.
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Insightful masterclass addressing the pivotal question: "How can I get my documentary shown in France (and across Europe)?"


Speaker Jacques Pelissier brings his wealth of experience to tackle essential questions:

- Maximizing Theatrical Release Potential: Strategies to enhance your film's chances of hitting the big screen in France.

- Decoding Festivals: Understanding the role of festivals in your film's journey.

- Beyond Money: Exploring the true essence of international co-production.

- Navigating Distribution Operators: Unraveling the roles of distributors, international sales agents, and festival promoters.

- Harnessing Public Structures: Leveraging governmental support for your distribution campaign.

- Embracing Alternatives: Exploring Impact Campaign and other innovative distribution models.

The event was helded in collaboration between Docudays UA and the Transformation Communications Activity (TCA) project, funded by US Agency for International Development (USAID).


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Jacques Pelissier

distributor from France

Jacques Pelissier is a documentary enthusiast. In France, he founded two distribution companies that work with documentaries: Aloest Distribution and Juste Doc. He has worked on the theatrical releases of 22 films with an audience of 220,000. In the past ten years, he has distributed one to three documentaries yearly. At the same time, he is the program director of the International Educational Film Festival (Évreux, Normandy). He also consults documentary directors and producers regarding distribution.

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