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We have created this page so you could test your equipment and internet speed before watching a film. If our online cinema guide video is playing without glitches, it’s time to watch festival films!

If you are having difficulties watching, follow simple recommendations:

  • Check your network connection. Use any free internet connection speed test. 6-8 Mbit/sec are enough for downloading quality films. Otherwise, we recommend that you use a wire internet connection.
  • Use an up-to-date web browser. Outdated software is one of the most widespread problems for viewers.
  • Choose the most compatible web browser. The DOCUSPACE player works best with Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

! Note that the online cinema is primarily adapted to watching films through a web browser. We cannot guarantee that you will view the content on your phone or tablet without having streaming problems. Our player works best if you watch films on the screen of the same device where the player is open. We cannot guarantee quality content viewing on external screens/projectors.