Tête-à-tête: Tetiana Kononenko & Alex Malyshenko

The discussion will be held in Ukrainian.

Honeyland is the first film in history nominated for Oscar in two categories at the same time: Best Documentary Feature and Best International Feature. This double nomination resonates with the reviews of film critics, who remark in unison that this picture resembles a fiction film. And although the filmmakers claim that there are “barely any staged scenes in the film,” Honeyland makes us think about genre hybridity. The curator and filmmaker Tetiana Kononenko and the film journalist and curator Alex Malyshenko will discuss the boundaries of the documentary in filmmaking, directors’ positions, what it means to shoot and edit in general, and what is hidden behind the fascinating form of Honeyland.

  • Tetiana Kononenko, curator and filmmaker
  • Alex Malyshenko, film journalist and curator

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