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Recorded conversation 28 March, 19:00

Tê­te-à-tê­te: Ulya­na Oso­vska, De­nis Stra­shny & Da­ria Ba­dior Ta­les of a Toy Hor­se

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Ulyana Osovska is a documentary filmmaker and co-founder of the NGO “Docutoloka”. Her feature debut Almost 10,000 Voters took part in the documentary competition of the Warsaw Film Festival (2017) and was screened at Docudays UA (2018).

Denys Strashny is a filmmaker and co-founder of the NGO “Docutoloka”. He’s been cooperating with Ulyana Osovska as a producer and co-author.

Tales of a Toy Horse is Ulyana Osovska and Denys Strashny’s third film. The audience will meet former dissident Anatoliy Lyutyuk, who regularly visits Eastern Ukraine as a volunteer. The film takes part in the DOCU/UKRAINE competition program.

The moderator of the discussion is Daria Badior – Culture Editor at Ukrainian online outlet, critic, journalist. Curator at Kyiv Critics' Week film festival and co-founder of Ukrainian Film Critics' Union.

 Right after the live stream we invite you to watch Tales of a Toy Horse.

The film premieres nationally at Docudays UA.


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The Tête-à-tête programme is a series of intimate conversations between documentarians about their work and the world of documentary cinema.