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Ukrain­ian Sheriffs

director: Roman Bondarchuk
Ukraine, Latvia, Germany201585’
In Ukrainian and Russian with English subtitles.
In Ukrainian and Russian with English subtitles.
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A car with a small Ukrainian flag is cruising around the village of Stara Zburyivka. Two ‘sheriffs’, 50-year-old Viktor Kryvoborodko and 44-year-old Volodymyr Rudkovsky, save a woman from an anaconda, calm down arguments and stop fights. Since there are practically no police in the village, the local men have undertaken to maintain public order. For Viktor and Volodymyr, Stara Zburyivka is their country, which they will defend against anything — particularly against the separatists, who show up as the war in eastern Ukraine begins.


Roman Bondarchuk


Darya Averchenko, Uldis Cekulis


Roman Bondarchuk


Borys Peter


Kateryna Gornostai, Roman Bondarchuk, Borys Peter


VFS Films


Taskovski Films

The Ukrainian Docs: Favorites

The selection of favourite Ukrainian films that once were part of the Docudays UA programme.