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20 Travelling Docudays UA


director: Matthias Joulaud, Lucien Roux
Original language with Ukrainian subtitles.
Original language with Ukrainian subtitles.
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On Achill Island, off the west coast of Ireland, Cian hopes to spend his summer holidays playing football with his friends. For his grandfather Martin, though, this is the right time to introduce him to work on the farm. Ramboy is a tender and dreamlike film about the patience required to learn and pass on a profession from one generation to the next.


Matthias Joulaud, Lucien Roux


Lionel Baier, Nicolas Wadimoff


Matthias Joulaud, Lucien Roux


Yatoni Roy Cantu


Master cinéma HES-SO ECAL/HEAD


ECAL / Ecole Cantonale d’art de Lausanne Département Cinema 5 avenue du temple 1020 Renens Switzerland [email protected]

20 Travelling Docudays UA

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