docuspace.org is an online cinema where you can watch creative documentaries from Ukraine and the world, carefully selected by the Docudays UA team.

In our online cinema you will find yourself in a creative community of documentarians, human rights activists, researchers, cultural directors and connoisseurs of documentary cinema. Here you will gain knowledge about how documentary film can be a tool for important change and join our projects.

Sign up and purchase a ticket for a screening, or use a promo code. After doing that, you have 24 hours to watch the film.

Currently all the films presented on DOCUSPACE will only be available in Ukraine.

The price of watching feature-length film from 20th Docudays UA programmes is 60 hryvnia, and for a short film it is 30 hryvnia.
The revenue from the ticket sales will go to support and develop the DOCUSPACE online cinema.

For some films, you can turn on subtitles and change their language in the lower right corner of the player by clicking the corresponding icon. Some films have burned-in subtitles which you cannot turn off. See more detail about the subtitles for each film on its individual page. 

The website has a special mode for users with visual impairments. You can switch to this mode by clicking the relevant icon in the upper left corner of the website. In addition, most films have adapted subtitles which allow people with hearing impairments to follow the plot and become better immersed in the film’s atmosphere.

Every year during the Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, the online cinema becomes the festival platform. The festival films and events are streamed here.

To make sure that you can watch films without glitches, we suggest that you check that your devices are compatible with the technical requirements of the online cinema after the films start. Try playing this test video file. If you are having difficulties watching, follow simple recommendations:


  • Check your network connection. Use any free internet connection speed test. 6-8 Mbit/sec are enough for downloading quality films. Otherwise, we recommend that you use a wire internet connection. 


  • Use an up-to-date web browser. Outdated software is one of the most widespread problems for viewers. 


  • Choose the most compatible web browser. The DOCUSPACE player works best with Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. 


Please note that the online cinema is adapted for watching films primarily in a web browser. If you are watching content on your phone or tablet, we cannot guarantee that you will not have any problems with playback. We must also note that our player works best if you watch the film on the screen of the same device where you downloaded it. We cannot guarantee high-quality playback on external screens/projectors (smart TV, PlayStation, etc.).

Please make sure that the reason is not your internet connection or its speed. In all other cases, email our tech support service at [email protected]. It’s available every day at 11:00 a.m–10:00 p.m.

For these cases, we have created a customer support service. You can contact [email protected]. We will be ready for your questions every day from 11:00 a.m. until 10 p.m.!

The films are screened in the original language with English and Ukrainian subtitles. Ukrainian audio descriptions are provided for several films, too. See more details about the subtitles for each film on its individual page.