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broadcast recording 22 November, 11:00

War Archive. How to record and store history properly

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The history of the full-scale war is unfolding in real time online. Due to our technical capacities, everyone can not just become a witness but also document what they experience. Footage of destroyed homes, diaries from occupation, experience of evacuation or filtration camps, and other recorded events can serve as strong evidence for international courts. It will also help tell the world the truth about Russian aggression and combat Russia’s imperialist narratives which are still being spread by some western media and experts. We will discuss how to properly document, collect and analyse materials to preserve history; which materials can serve as evidence in international courts and which can be a tool to fight the war in the information and art fields; and how every one of us can help bring perpetrators to account. 


Watch the discussion on the docuspace.org website and on the Facebook page of the Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.


Partners: Ukraїner


Information partners: ZMINA, SHOTAM



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State of Emergency

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