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broadcast recording 26 June, 19:17

De­cade of Ukrainian Do­cu­men­ta­ry Film­making: The Film Critics’ Per­specti­ve, from the Union of the Ukrainian Film Cri­tics

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The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
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We are happy to introduce you to this year’s special jury of members of the Union of the Ukrainian Film Critics. The guest experts will talk about the particularities of film critics’ work with documentaries, its general context in the Ukrainian market, and discuss the changes which they have been observing in Ukrainian documentary cinema in the past 10 years.


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Oleksandra Nabieva

moderator, culturologist, culturologist and curator of the interdisciplinary art programme DOCU/SYNTHESIS

Ian Spektor

Kyiv-based sound artist and producer, and co-founder of the Plivka and 2c1b communities

Sasha Andrusyk

co-founder and head curator of the Ukho Music Agency, a group that has presented over 700 contemporary classical and experimental works of music in Ukraine since 2012. In 2021 Sasha received the Shevchenko Prize for curating and producing the Architect

Liudmyla Chyrkova

moderator, host of the information and analysis programme Culture on Time of the Suspilne Culture TV channel, film journalist

Aliona Penziy

film researcher from the Dovzhenko Centre, film critic and cultural manager

Ihor Kromf

film critic

Olena Korkodym

film journalist, founder of the Documents film website


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