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broadcast recording 26 June, 18:08

Grants 101: Olha Beskhmel­nytsina and Isa­bel Arrate Fernan­dez

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The conversation is held in English.
The conversation is held in English.
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We invite you to learn about the experience of working with grant support from the Ukrainian producer Olha Beskhmelnytsina: talk about mistakes in preparation of materials and ask for advice for those who do not have a lot of experience yet. In addition, Isabel Arrate Fernandez will share a ‘view from the inside’ of IDFA Bertha Fund, one of the most important grant organisations in Europe: we will talk about how grant applications are evaluated and see who those mysterious people from the funds are and how they determine which projects are worth supporting.


Support Docudays UA team & Hurkit Charity Fund gather of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. The goal is to secure for yourself a group of colleagues with documents and an evacuation vehicle of the 109th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We ask you to support the initiative with a donation and publicity.
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Nina Tararuyeva

moderator, translator of more than ten film scripts, moderator of events in the film industry such as conversations with directors at the HovoryTy! forum (CF MUR, 2022), Only Cinema film research atelier (2021), a series of film screenings and discussions

Olha Beskhmelnytsina

Ukrainian film producer (Intercepted, Rule of Two Walls), Head of the Board of the Ukrainian film academy

Isabel Arrate Fernandez

Deputy Director of IDFA and Head of the festival’s Filmmaker Support Department


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