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recorded conversation 26 March, 19:00

Well-tro­dden Co­nnec­tions | DO­CU­SPA­CE and Dy­mchuk Ga­lle­ry

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A multimedia project where the Ukrainian media artists Photinus Studio, the SVITER Art Group, and Ivan Svitlychnyi will enter into a dialogue with the visionary developments of scientists from the 1960s to the 1980s as well as the popular science film studio Kyivnaukfilm which operated in the same period. The exhibition will include films by Kyivnaukfilm which represent the almost 30-year span of its existence: Eternal Search (1967), Mykola Amosov (1971), and Captivate with an unprecedented task (1982). Photinus Studio, the SVITER Art Group and Ivan Svitlychny will present media works based on a generative algorithm they have developed, which analyses film and animation as an array of visual data. The team will also show video documentation of the collective web performance, in which the members of the art team rethink the concept of ‘corporeality’ using virtual space.




Fragile girl! Handle with care!, SVITER Art Group

Video installation; editing algorithm, generative video, films from the Kyivnaukfilm Film Studio; 2016–2021

The project is based on an editing algorithm created by the artists. The working material is a group of selected films from the same genre. The single genre, which presupposes a shared structure, allows the users to break these films into fragments with similar plots. By successively constructing a story from these fragments, the editing algorithm creates a video with the same plot and structure, but every time with visual variability.

The authors and developers of the exhibition and the projects also include: Mykhailo Vybodovskyi, Yevhen Arlov, Ihor Sokolov, Dmytro Tentiuk.




Out of Body Experience, Photinus Studio

Online performance; mixed web; 2020
The artwork is exhibited as video documentation

To maintain contact with one another and continue practicing their art during lockdown and self-isolation, the participants of Photinus Studio created a space for performative collaborations in which everyone becomes a part of a shared ‘body’ / collective character that can take any form, from anthropomorphic to informational, in accordance with the environment and the goals.

The goal of this performance is the journey of the protagonist, a collective character, to the sea. Addressing the social practices of Joseph Beuys and the technological practices of Stelarc, the artists say in this project that only together, as a holistic social organism, can we meet our daily, unexpected, global challenges. By losing our subjectivity, we take a step towards creating a shared group structure which becomes a driver of change — spatial, social, and cultural.

Authors of the idea and performers: Yevhen Arlov, Kateryna Borsuk, Mykhailo Vybodovskyi, Anna Ivchenko, Vlad Kononok, Max Nikiforov, Oleksandr Reznikov, Oleksandr Sirous, Ihor Sokolov, Danylo Siabro, Dmytro Tentiuk.

Also worked on the idea: Yevhen Svystun, Taira Umarova.




Bifurcation Point (part 3), Photinus Studio, Oleksandr Sirous

Video installation; generative video, sound sensors, LED screen; 2021

This artwork continues the long-term Bifurcation Point project, in which the author addresses one of the most abstract forms of culture development — the formation of a symbol. In the project, a symbol emerges as a result of evolution and interaction between characters created by using a neural network.

During the exhibition, the audience will serve as a trigger for the emergence of the characters. By ‘creating’ a virtual society network, they will be able to watch how stable cultural codes and social interaction principles transform and reach a new type of development in the virtual world.


Photinus studio

Photinus studio

art group

Photinus Studio is an initiative by the artists Lera Polianskova, Max Robotov and Ivan Svitlychnyi, as well as the musician Georgiy Potopalsky. Created as a workshop for experimental works with digital instruments (sound, video, programming, etc.), Plotinus Studio gradually grew into an art community of various professionals — artists, software developers, engineers — united by their interest in new media art.

SVITER Art Group

SVITER Art Group

duo of Lera Polianskova and Max Robotov

The artists mainly work with new media, sound, video and digital art. Lera and Max are co-founders of Photinus Studio and the Shukhliada exhibition space. Since 2015, they have been participatingin an interdisciplinary cultural organisation "The Institution of Unstable Thoughts". They participated in the Ukrainian Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale, the Transmediale Vorspiel2018 (Berlin), and the Digital Cultures Festival forum 2019 (Warsaw)

Ivan Svitlychnyi

Ivan Svitlychnyi


Ivan is an artist who works with new media, and is co-founder of the Shukhliada exhibition venue and the Photinus Studio. Since 2015 he has participated in the interdisciplinary cultural organisation the Institution of Unstable Thoughts. He was a participant at the Ukrainian Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale, Transmediale Vorspiel 2018 (Berlin), and the Digital Cultures Festival forum 2019 (Warsaw). Svitlychnyi has been nominated for the PinchukArtCentre Prize four times and won the Malevich Award in 2018


Interdisciplinary programme rethinks the capacities of documentary filmmaking and the gallery space. The programme will include screening of amateur animation by Anatoliy Surma, 3D exhibition of photography by Oleksandr Chekmeniov and a joint project by media artists from Photinus Studio, SVITER Art Group and Ivan Svitlychnyi. Each of events will be accompanied by an Artist Talks discussion.

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