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You can watch the stream in the original language (English) on the Docudays UA YouTube channel. It will be available with simultaneous interpretation into Ukrainian on DOCUSPACE and the festival Facebook page.

DOCU/PRO talk "Festival strategy or Why do you need a sales agent?" with Stephanie Fuchs, the Festival Manager at Autlook Filmsales (Austria).

How do you set up a festival strategy for your film? Which materials do you need to pitch the film, how do festival entries work and what does a good trailer look like? How has COVID-19 impacted this year’s festival landscape? How does one adapt to the new reality of hybrid and online festivals? How to approach and select a sales agent to work with? Stephanie will talk about every stage a film goes through after it’s finished and about her work with international film festivals. 
We invite producers, directors, distributors and anyone interested in learning how to make a documentary successful to join the conversation and ask Stephanie any festival-related questions you might have. To participate, you need to sign up for the webinar at the link - Upon registration, you will receive an email with access details. The number of participants is limited, so register now to be one of the select few.The conversation will be in English.If you miss your chance to sign up for the webinar you will be able to watch the broadcast online on our social media.

Autlook Filmsales is one of the most influential sales agencies in the documentary film market. The company was established in 2006 and has offices in Vienna and Los Angeles. Autlook deals with festival distribution as well as sales for TV, VOD, and cinemas.
Films represented by Autlook are taking part in the competition programs of all major international film festivals. The company's catalog includes such directors as Nikolaus Geirhalter (Earth), Christy Garland (What WhaalaWants), Talal Derkey (Of Fathers and Sons). Autlook is also introducing Lizzie Mandelup's Jawline, which is available till the end of September at

The film is no longer available.



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