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broadcast recording 26 June, 19:00

Field recor­dings as sound­scaping of me­mo­ry: witness­ing and artis­tic prac­tices

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The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
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What are the existing approaches to working with field recordings? What does ‘documentality’ mean in this context? How does documentality intersect in the visual and the audial? What role does editing play, and is a parallel with the same process in filmmaking possible? How do field recordings differ from soundscaping?

How (and whether) composers and sound artists work with practices of listening closely to the urban environment, which have become entrenched in our routines since the beginning of the full-scale invasion?

We focus on the musical and audiovisual projects by the Ukho agency, the diversity of the works of the composer and sound artist Oleh Shpudeiko, the soundscaping of memory and editing of the artist Ian Spektor.


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Oleksandra Nabieva

moderator, culturologist, culturologist and curator of the interdisciplinary art programme DOCU/SYNTHESIS

Ian Spektor

Kyiv-based sound artist and producer, and co-founder of the Plivka and 2c1b communities

Sasha Andrusyk

co-founder and head curator of the Ukho Music Agency, a group that has presented over 700 contemporary classical and experimental works of music in Ukraine since 2012. In 2021 Sasha received the Shevchenko Prize for curating and producing the Architect


Interdisciplinary art programme continue to focus on artistic work with archives. This year it includes different approaches to them: documentation, diary, and commemoration.