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broadcast recording 04 June, 16:00

Voices of Ukraine: How to talk about the war so the world can understand

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The conversation is held in Ukrainian with sign language interpretation.
The conversation is held in Ukrainian with sign language interpretation.
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Thanks to the work of diplomats, regular communication by journalists, culture figures and others, the world understands the price of our resistance and the significance of Ukraine’s victory better. During this event, we will talk about the experience of people who communicate important messages from our country to the world with their films, TV stories, journalistic materials, photo reports.

The invited speakers work with international media and audiences. Each of them has found their own approach to conveying the truth about the Russian aggression and learned in practice which stories find a response among citizens in other countries and which do not.

So this conversation is about the most successful experiences: how to be heard when you speak about Ukraine and Ukrainians abroad, and what arguments can be used to oppose the pessimists and sceptics who do not believe in our victory.


Organisers: NGO Docudays.


Tom Jennings

US documentary filmmaker, writer and director of the film «Putin’s Attack on Ukraine: Documenting War Crimes»

Mstyslav Chernov

journalist and war correspondent, Pulitzer Prize winner, director of «20 Days in Mariupol»

Roman Liubyi


Natalka Humeniuk

journalist and cofounder of The Reckoning Project: Ukraine Testifies

Maria Buchelnikova

moderator, project coordinator of the Ukraine War Archive

The Ukraine War Archive & RIGHTS NOW!

As a part of the RIGHTS NOW! programme, the Archive team had prepared discussions about the practice of testimonies at the International Criminal Court and the recognition of the Russian Federation’s crimes in Ukraine as a genocide.