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Winners of Docudays UA 2021


Ivan's Land

director: Andrii Lysetskyi
Original language with English and Ukrainian subtitles.
Original language with English and Ukrainian subtitles.
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The film is no longer available

Ivan Prykhodko is one of the last folk artists in Ukraine. He is self-taught, but everything he creates with a paintbrush or a chisel turns into art – sometimes naive, but honest. Ivan is one of those people whose worldview and inner world only generate beauty and joy. One day, the master is invited to the Mystetskyi Arsenal to exhibit his work in the country’s main exhibition centre. But will our protagonist be able to swap his rural house for urban chaos, and the floods of Dnipro for gallery halls full of art critics?

Each of the five films in the DOCU/UKRAINE competition programme becomes available for watching after an online live stream of a Tête-à-tête with the film’s director. The conversations are streamed every evening at 7:00 p.m. on 27–31 March. We invite you to watch the Tê­te-à-tê­te: An­drii Ly­se­tskyi & Da­ria Ba­di­or Ivan’s Land


Andrii Lysetskyi


Gennady Kofman, Olha Beskhmelnytsina


Andrii Lysetskyi


Boris Peter



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The film is available on the website of the online cinema until 23 April. 

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