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broadcast recording 07 June, 16:00

Conflict, war, genocide? What will history textbooks say about the Russian aggression?

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The conversation is held in Ukrainian with sign language interpretation.
The conversation is held in Ukrainian with sign language interpretation.
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During Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine has documented tens of thousands of war crimes. But will all the evidence be used in International Criminal Court cases? The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the parliaments of several other countries have already recognized Russia’s actions against Ukrainians as a genocide. And Ukrainian and international human rights organisations define the Russian aggression as a genocide more and more often. What is genocide? What characteristics does it have? What long-term consequences will the recognition and proof of facts of genocide in Russia’s actions have for Russia?

It is time to give a legal definition to the Russian aggression, because it is the first step towards achieving justice.


Organisers: NGO Docudays.


Yuriy Belousov

head of the Department of Counteracting Crime during the Armed Conflict at the Office of the Prosecutor General

Dmytro Koval

legal director of NGO Truth Hounds, specialist in international humanitarian law

Roman Koliada

moderator, journalist of the Ukrainian Radio

The Ukraine War Archive & RIGHTS NOW!

As a part of the RIGHTS NOW! programme, the Archive team had prepared discussions about the practice of testimonies at the International Criminal Court and the recognition of the Russian Federation’s crimes in Ukraine as a genocide.