SPECIAL MENTION Andriy Matrosov Award

National competition DOCU/UKRAINE

Winners of Docudays UA 2021

SPECIAL MENTION Andriy Matrosov Award

Roses. Film-Cabaret

director: Irena Stetsenko
Original language with English and Ukrainian subtitles.
Original language with English and Ukrainian subtitles.
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Once upon a time in the dressing room of the famous Dakh theatre in Kyiv, seven actresses came up with the Dakh Daughters project. At their first solo show, Roses, they presented the world with a contemporary interpretation of the art of cabaret, which, in its absolute carnival freedom, knows how to entertain the public with the most serious topics. At the same time, Ukraine found itself on the threshold of significant change, not just in society, but also in the consciousnesses of thousands of people. The Revolution of Dignity and the war in the East reveal the nuances of the protagonists’ personalities, worldviews, creative reflections.

Each of the five films in the DOCU/UKRAINE competition programme becomes available for watching after an online live stream of a Tête-à-tête with the film’s director. The conversations are streamed every evening at 7:00 p.m. on 27–31 March. We invite you to watch the  Tê­te-à-tê­te: Ire­na Ste­tsenko & Da­ria Ba­di­or Ro­ses. Film-Ca­ba­ret



Irena Stetsenko


Oleksan dra Kravchenko, Oleg Sosnov


Serhiy Stetsenko


Maria Nesterenko


Mykola Bazarkin, Irena Stetsenko, Viktor Onysko, Tetiana Dorodnitsyna



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