State of Emergency

The Bright Path

director: Iryna Riabenka
Germany, Ukraine202155’
In Ukrainian and Russian with English subtitles.
In Ukrainian and Russian with English subtitles.
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Stanislav was reporting from his native city of Donetsk for various Ukrainian media after part of the Donbas region fell under the control of Russia-backed separatist militants in May 2014. In 2017 Stanislav was taken captive. Most of the time in captivity, of the 962 he was held prisoner, he spent in a prison called ‘Isolation’. Stanislav kept notes about the events that took place at what used to be the territory of the main cultural platform in the region.


Iryna Riabenka


Felix Krumme, Iryna Riabenka


Hovhannes Martirosyan


Felix Krumme, Iryna Riabenka


Ilja Gussarov, Universal Language Algorithm

State of Emergency

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