Tête-à-tête: Maksim Shved & Maksim Karpitski

The stream in the original language (Belarusian) will be available on the Docudays UA YouTube channel. The stream with simultaneous interpretation in Ukrainian will be available on DOCUSPACE and the festival Facebook page.

One of the famous slogans of the May protests in Paris in 1968 was a student reply to theorizing university professors: “Structures don’t take to the streets and don’t build barricades.” Meaning that freedom and the opportunity to  change something are not in offices, galleries and audiences, but in open air, in squares, avenues and alleys.

The protagonist of Maksim Shved’s film Pure Art, the abstract artist Zakhar Kudin, also takes to the streets. Inspired by the colorful rectangles with which municipal workers paint over any writings on the walls of Minsk buildings, the artist creates abstract paintings in the open air.  At the same time, this unusual art practice provokes passers-by to engage in dialogue—about art, about freedom, about history and about the shared future.

Filmmaker Maksim Shved and film critic Maksim Karpitski will discuss the political (in) cinema, art as a way to go beyond the limits of established structures, the phenomenon of municipal service art, streets and liberties.

The event will start at 21/08, 19:00


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