Film Troubadours: Scotland and Ukraine

The Coming of the 'Camerons'

director: Frank M. Marshall
Scotland - United Kingdom194410’34’’
This movie has no sound
This movie has no sound
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The film follows the Glen Clova postwoman Jean Cameron on her rounds (on her bicycle) and documents the introduction of the ‘Camerons’ — uniform trousers for postwomen. They were named after this very same postwoman, who started the fashion after requesting trousers instead of the regulation skirt.

All films of the programme will be available for viewing by the festival audience on a free basis without geographical restrictions. During the festival, from March 27 to April 4, new films from the Scottish and Ukrainian selections will appear daily at 10 am, each of which can be viewed for 48 hours.


Frank M. Marshall

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Film of the Film Troubadours: Scotland and Ukraine programme

The programme of amateur cinematography features shorts made in the period between the 1940s in Scotland and the 1980s in Ukraine. Each film is accompanied by comments by researchers of this phenomenon.

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