State of Emergency

The Last Gene­ration

director: Mikołaj Borowy
Germany, Poland202153’
In Polish with English or Ukrainian subtitles.
In Polish with English or Ukrainian subtitles.
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Janka wakes up every day thinking about the end of the world. According to scientists, 2030 will be the year we trigger a chain reaction resulting in the end of our civilization. This burden pushes Janka to take radical action. She begins to understand she will have to make a choice. Involvement in the climate movement dominates her everyday life; work and studies are relegated to the background. Activism turns out to be a form of action that gives her strength and hope. Among the moonlike landscape of an open-pit coal mine, she realises how far she will go to stop this. From this moment despair ends, and tactics begin.


Mikołaj Borowy


Maria Krauss


Lena Jablonska


Maria Krauss Plesnar & Krauss FILMS


Against Gravity

State of Emergency

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