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Recorded conversation 02 April, 17:00

Tê­te-à-tê­tе: Trish Dol­man & An­he­li­na Ka­ri­aki­na

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Can you hack a human body and extend life? What is the limit of experimentation with the body? What drives bio punks in their dangerous research? In her film Citizen Bio, Trish Dolman, a Canadian political documentary filmmaker, dives deep into the underground world of radical medicine. Her characters are biohackers who lift the curtain and let the camera into a fringe world of unofficial experiments to extend human life, and talk about their experience with the controversial entrepreneur Aaron Traywick before his mysterious death. 


Trish Dolman and Anhelina Kariakina, journalist and documentary filmmaker will discuss this documentary exploration of controversial topics and subcultures, and talk about immersion in fringe worlds and secret stories


Anhelina Kariakina

Anhelina Kariakina

journalist and documentary filmmaker

Working as a journalist in printed, TV and online media for the past 12 years. Focuses on social issues, human rights and justice, reforms and conflict. Covered Maydan protests, Russian aggression, trials against Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia, migration crisis in Europe. Editor-in-chief at Hromadske (2016-2020). Currently working as a journalist and media manager at Ukraine’s Public Broadcasting Company. 

Trish Dolman

Trish Dolman

film director

Trish is one of Canada’s foremost filmmakers, committed to political storytelling and making films and television that ‘change the conversation’. In her twenty-eight-year career, she has been involved in some of Canada’s most successful documentary features and series, in addition to producing some of the country’s most successful dramatic feature films. Her directing work is focused on controversial characters, subcultures, and the intimate lives of women and girls. Through her production company Screen Siren Pictures which she founded in 1997, Trish is committed to working with and elevating female, underrepresented, and first-time filmmakers. Selected filmography: Ice Girls (2002); Exit Kingsway (2004); Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson(2011); Canada in a Day (2017); Citizen Bio (2020)


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The Tête-à-tête programme is a series of intimate conversations between documentarians about their work and the world of documentary cinema.