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broadcast recording 06 December, 11:00

Preg­nancy and la­bour: What has to chan­ge af­ter the war

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In the conditions of the war, Ukrainians preparing for parenthood have to overcome new challenges. Now they need to make sure they have a plan B in case of labour outside a medical facility, make a list of contacts of professionals in case they need an online consultation, etc. Since February 24, medical facilities have also had to adjust to a new reality and implement changes related to organising a safe space for labour. In this conversation, we will discuss which experiences of managing a pregnancy and labour during the war should be taken into account during postwar rebuilding.


Watch the discussion on the docuspace.org website and on the Facebook page of the Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

Organisers: NGO Docudays’ Nationwide Ukrainian Campaign Together for Safe Childbirth.

Information partners: 4mama, Your Baby, ZMINA, SHOTAM


Yulia Davydova

Head of Obstetric Problems of Extragenital Pathology at the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Roman Vorona


Olga Syomina

Doctor, midwife-gynecologist who practices a natural approach to childbirth

Iryna Sydorenko

moderator, Communications Manager for the Together for Safe Childbirth campaign

State of Emergency

Special edition of Docudays UA