The Most Conscious Left Alive: Life hacks for an environmentally conscious consumer

The discussion will be held in Ukrainian.

Humanity’s environmental footprint is growing rapidly. Our lack of habit to consume consciously and humanity’s damaging effect on the environment reduce biodiversity on the planet and bring the global environmental disaster closer. It’s time to ask ourselves, will there be enough environmental resources for us and the future generations?


It may seem like one person cannot influence the mountains of plastic in rivers and forests, the preservation of animals and plants in their region, and sometimes even their own neighbors who burn dry leaves next to their windows. But in fact, tools for influence exist, and we can learn to fight for our right to a clean environment with them. We have invited experts in various areas who will prove that you can become more environmentally conscious without sacrificing your quality of life.


- Yuriy Hanushchak, director of the Institute for the Development of Territories and expert in the issues of decentralization of power

- Pavlo Vyshebaba, head of the Single Planet NGO, coordinator of the FurOFF Campaign, UNDP goodwill ambassador in Ukraine for the issues of tolerance

- Sofiya Shutiak, leading legal consultant for the International Charity Organization "Environment–Law–Humanity," lawyer


Moderator: Yevhen Pavliukovsky, journalist

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