DOCU/SHORT International competition

57 Days

director: Mario Lumbreras, Laura Brasero
Original language with English and Ukrainian subtitles.
Original language with English and Ukrainian subtitles.
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Julio Lumbreras was one of the first patients to enter an ICU in Spain with COVID-19. For 57 days, he fought the disease while there was still no pandemic. But when Julio emerges from his coma, the world is unrecognisable: lockdowns, restrictions, and over 25,000 deaths in the country. The protagonist’s family were waiting for his recovery and talking on WhatsApp. This family messaging became the basis for a story about a fight against the disease.


Mario Lumbreras, Laura Brasero


Hernán Zin, Ana Pincus, Nerea Barros


R. Peña


Roberto Hernández, Julio Cuspinera


Mario Lumbreras, Laura Brasero


Doc Land Films S.L.


Agencia Freak

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Film of the DOCU/SHORT programme

The selection contains 2 short films which received the festival’s main awards and special mentions! Each of them offers a unique way of knowing oneself, thinking about the world and its absurdity. 

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