eng: A soldier with a machine gun looks at the camera.

AFU Media Centre & Ukraine War Archive: Films from the Frontline


director: Serhiy Lysenko, Alina Logvinenko
Ukrainian with English subtitles
Ukrainian with English subtitles

During a storming mission, a commander has to make quick, unconventional and very risky decisions.

One of these decisions has been captured by military documentarians during the counteroffensive in the Zaporizhia Region. A brief consultation at the control and observation point with the commander of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade, Hero of Ukraine Viktor Sikoza, quick planning with deminers and a “big badaboom” which paralyzed several enemy positions.


Serhiy Lysenko, Alina Logvinenko


Oleksandr Nahayets


Serhiy Lysenko, Volodymyr Palylyk

An almanac of shorts filmed at the frontline. Three stories which reveal the work of the military in our country’s most heated hotspots.