eng: Two men are riding a tank.

AFU Media Centre & Ukraine War Archive: Films from the Frontline

Apa­che Tribe

director: Serhiy Lysenko, Alina Logvinenko
Ukrainian with English subtitles
Ukrainian with English subtitles

Deployments for combat missions for Apache, a tank commander, is a daily routine task. But this time he needs to do a mission with a gunner who is deploying to the confrontation line for the first time.

A simple story about the complex work of the tank operators of the 36th Rear Admiral Mykhailo Bilynskyi Separate Marine Brigade — about equipping the tank, preparing the crew, and about the baptism by fire for a gunner who was a civilian just recently.


Serhiy Lysenko, Alina Logvinenko


Oleksandr Nahayets


Serhiy Lysenko, Volodymyr Palylyk

An almanac of shorts filmed at the frontline. Three stories which reveal the work of the military in our country’s most heated hotspots.