eng: The military operates drones from the trenches.

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If you want to fly, dig

director: Serhiy Lysenko, Alina Logvinenko
Ukrainian with English subtitles
Ukrainian with English subtitles

We see impressive videos of the work of drone operators in the media every day. The painstaking work that is done to prepare for it is usually left behind the scenes. And we are talking not just about organising the flight, but also such trivial things as, for instance, proper arrangement of positions. A well-dug shelter saves lives — this rule is the same both for infantry and for drone pilots.


One day in the life of the strike drone unit of the 47th Magura Separate Mechanised Brigade involves digging trenches, joking, combat missions, eating sandwiches under shelling, and digging trenches again. Because the better a fighted digs, the longer he lives.


Serhiy Lysenko, Alina Logvinenko


Oleksandr Nahayets


Serhiy Lysenko, Volodymyr Palylyk

An almanac of shorts filmed at the frontline. Three stories which reveal the work of the military in our country’s most heated hotspots.