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broadcast recording 07 June, 14:00

Case study: Civil Pitch 2.0. How do films bring victory closer?

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The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
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Since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine in 2014, practically every Ukrainian documentary filmmaker has joined the process of cultural diplomacy in one way or another. In the past nine years, many powerful films about the war have been made which were successful at international festivals. But has that helped us secure the broad support of other countries?

The Civil Pitch project was organised for the first time in 2019 under the slogan ‘films that change’. In 2022, when the new stage of the war began, the slogan was changed to ‘films that bring victory closer’. Is it really possible? and if so, how exactly? Do documentary films work as a tool for change — in public opinions, policies, narratives — within our society and in the wider world? We discuss it with the authors of Civil Pitch films from both editions of the project.


Halyna Lavrynets

director, cultural manager and producer, member of the Ukrainian Directors Guild and the Ukrainian Film Academy, and of the BABYLON’13 association of Ukrainian documentary filmmakers

Lesia Diak

director, a graduate of Serhiy Bukovsky’s Documentary Directing Workshop, the student of the DocNomads master’s programme for documentary filmmaking

Pavlo Dorohoi

documentary photographer and documentary filmmaker

Anastasiia Tykha

director, a program director of KINOKO, a part of the BABYLON’13 film collective

Oleksandra Kravchenko

moderator, Civil Pitch 2.0 project coordinator, producer

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