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broadcast recording 06 June, 14:00

Animated documentaries: challenges and opportunities

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The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
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Even though the first animated documentary (The Sinking of the Lusitania) was released in 1918, the genre was considered as a paradox for a long time, and needed a couple of quite powerful breakthroughs – Waltz with Bashir and Flee – to win recognition from the wider audience and industry decision-makers. Today animation’s use in documentary filmmaking has truly flourished. More and more filmmakers are finding their creative freedom and new exciting challenges in this genre. 

We invited Piotr Kardas, a film curator specialising in animated documentaries, and Alex Widdowson, a London-based multi-award-winning animated documentary director and researcher specialising in the representation of neurodivergence and psychology, to talk about how documentary and animation can be used and mixed creatively in filmmaking, as well as how to find a balance between the seemingly limitless potential of animation and the duty of a documentary filmmaker to create authentic and ethical representations of people and the world.


Piotr Kardas

moderator, the founder and director of the O!PLA Animation Film Festival and many other festivals

Alex Widdowson

multi-award-winning British animated documentary filmmaker, the director of the Factual Animation Film Festival, and a co-host of the Autism through Cinema Podcast, the Ph.D. candidate at Queen Mary University of London

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