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broadcast recording 20 June, 13:35

Where you can watch Docudays UA films after the festival: Alter­na­tive dist­ri­bu­tion in the DOCU/CLUB Net­works

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The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
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For 10 years, NGO Docudays has been successfully growing its own alternative distribution network, Docudays UA film clubs. The DOCU/CLUB Network makes the life cycle of films in distribution longer, introduces audiences of various ages to relevant documentaries, and distributes films in cities, towns and villages all over Ukraine.

Film screenings help enrich social life: inspired by discussions of films, audiences come together to solve collective problems, initiate change, and implement advocacy campaigns in their communities. By now, 424 film clubs in the DOCU/CLUB network have become centres for civil society building.


Throughout the year, Docudays UA film clubs organise over 15,000 screenings and demonstrate films from a collection of over 130 award-winning documentaries featured in the programmes of various international festivals.

How does the process of updating the film library for the Network’s film clubs go? Which films become long-term regulars in film club screenings? What film topics do Ukrainian audiences want to see more of?


Support Docudays UA team & Hurkit Charity Fund gather of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. The goal is to secure for yourself a group of colleagues with documents and an evacuation vehicle of the 109th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We ask you to support the initiative with a donation and publicity.
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The DOCU/CLUB Network is one of the strategic vectors of the NGO Docudays, aimed at raising awareness of human rights and providing Ukrainians with free access to the best documentary films from all over the world.