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broadcast recording 07 June, 19:00

What are your plans for the future?

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The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
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“What are your plans for the future?” is a question with which journalists like to conclude their interviews. Recently it has gained an existential dimension.

The planning horizon of the future has shrunk to a few weeks, and often just a few days or hours. Due to the full-scale war and the peculiarities of the government’s cultural policy, the future of Ukrainian filmmaking as a field for experimentation, reflection and conversation is very uncertain.
To continue the conversation around the main theme of this year’s film festival, we are talking about the outlines of our shared future in cinema, the future we desire and predict, and about what we can all do together today.


Maksym Nakonechnyi

director, producer, screenwriter

Olena Honcharuk

cultural manager, cultural critic, museologist, director of the Film Museum at Dovzhenko Center in Kyiv and the competition winner for the Dovzhenko Center's director general position

Inna Lastochkina

film producer, member of the Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema company

Maryna Stepanska

director and screenwriter, who is now working on a documentary feature It's not the full picture, that follows the lives of Ukrainian filmmakers since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine

Daria Badior

co-curator of the Kyiv Critics’ Week


The DOCU/CLASS workshop of the 20th Docudays UA offers public discussions with film professionals and cultural managers about building and protecting the future.