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The accessible audio guide to the photographs has been made by the Accessible Film agency of the Fight for Our Rights organization.
The accessible audio guide to the photographs has been made by the Accessible Film agency of the Fight for Our Rights organization.
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This 3D exhibition by the photographer Oleksandr Chekmeniov represents online two series of works created in a closed psychiatric hospital in Ovruch in the late '90s: a colour series (reportage) and a black and white one (staged portraits). The exhibition questions the boundary between pathology and normality, and show the social life and interaction in a psychiatric hospital as a social institution on the one hand, and the coercion and imprisonment of a closed institution on the other.

You can visit the exhibition situated in the IZONE creative space virtually. For that you use the computer screen in the browser, or VR-glasses for the fully immersive experience. The event provides an accessible audio guide with the author’s comments. The exhibition can be visited by blind people and people with visual impairments.


Oleksandr Chekmeniov

Oleksandr Chekmeniov


Oleksandr was born in Luhansk in eastern Ukraine. He started his career as a photographer in asmalllocal photo studio in his hometown: in his spare time, Oleksandr took photos of people affected by the economic crisis after the collapse of the Soviet Union. His works represent an insider’s look at the transformation of the mining region in the 1990s. Chekmeniov’s photographic series have been published on the New York Times’ Lens blog, Time’s Lightbox, the New Yorker’s Photo Booth, MSNBC, Quartzand other publications.

Selected personal projects: exhibition in Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, USA, the Donbassand Passportseries (2016); exhibition in the Palffy Palace gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia, the Donbassseries (2015); exhibition in the Clara Maria Sels gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany, the Mad Worldseries (2014).


The interdisciplinary programme DOCU/SYNTHESIS is rethinking the connection between mental illness, art, and exclusion from society. It explores the opposition of analogue and digital photography, as well as the possibilities of the gallery space, both physical and virtual.

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