Almanac Encyclopaedia of the Maidan


director: Sergey Lysenko
Original with English subtitles.
Original with English subtitles.

Five months a participant of the Maidan self-defense in Kyiv, two months in the National Guard, later the rotation – such was 2014 for Myroslav Hay. But there’s more: Myroslav has established a volunteer foundation in Kyiv and every other week he brings to the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone food, uniforms, night vision goggles, and other goods needed by the military.

 Between his trips to ATO zone he is a professional actor and acting teacher, director of dance numbers at STB TV-channel on the project So You Think You Can Dance.


Sergey Lysenko


Roman Bondarchuk

Almanac Encyclopaedia of the Maidan is nine stories about the outbreak of civil activism in Ukraine.

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