eng: Activists of Maidan in helmets against "Berkut" squads.

Almanac Encyclopaedia of the Maidan


director: Serhiy Lysenko
Original with English subtitles.
Original with English subtitles.

Since its first days, Euromaidan was guarded by Self-Defence, the volunteers who took turns to maintain order and security. Today, most of them serve in the National Guard of Ukraine, and the rest have created self-defence crews in cities and towns all over Ukraine to maintain public order.

 Odesa Self-Defence brought to light the smuggling of fuel via the sea port to the separatists in the occupied territories of Donbas. One of the founders of Self-Defence, Andriy Levus, went all the way from a community activist to a member of parliament and continues the work of the organisation on the national level.


Serhiy Lysenko


Roman Bondarchuk

Almanac Encyclopaedia of the Maidan is nine stories about the outbreak of civil activism in Ukraine.

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