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broadcast recording 19 June, 15:04

Invi­sible work of ca­re­givers for wounded ve­te­rans

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The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
The conversation is held in Ukrainian.
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Ukrainian society is ready to invest a lot in supporting the military and veterans. However, there is another category of people whose contribution is underestimated: the family and friends of wounded military and veterans. For many, the work of caregivers remains invisible. At the same time, for a caregiver, it becomes a lifelong job, often crowding out all other areas, including proper rest. Moreover, this work is virtually unpaid. We want to draw attention to the support of these people by both society and the state, as they take over many of the functions of the state.


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Liubov Halan

human rights advocate, volunteer, co-founder of Principle

Olena Kulish

partner of a wounded veteran, respondent to the study

Oksana Seniv

journalist at Suspilne, author of the report; partner of a wounded veteran, respondent to the study

Tina Polek

co-author of the study Behind the Scenes of Care: Veterans' Relatives and Care Work


In the Human Rights Programme, we have tried to trace the causal relationships between the processes launched by the Russian aggression and make sense of their impact on our future. 

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